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Family of slain teacher speaks out against video game

While the game based on the Sandy Hook tragedy has been taken down by some online vendors, a number of websites are still hosting it.  Connecticut's two U.S. Senators are calling for all online vendors to take it down. 


Victoria Soto was one of six educators killed while trying to protect students.  The Soto family has released a statement regarding the video game:


"The constant barrage of negative backlash we face as a family is unimaginable. We constantly have to battle people who still to this day, think Sandy Hook is a hoax. For those people I can only say I hope you never have to go through what we do as a family.


On top of all that, today as we are trying to summon up the courage and composure to face the 1 year anniversary, we learned about a video game that was made called "The Slaying of Sandy Hook', the title alone, was painful. Through conversation with the maker of the game on twitter, we have learned he intended it to be a video game addressing the gun control debate. But why? We do not understand why anyone would do this? Perhaps someone else knows the answer.


We do not encourage this game, nor do we condone it. We only bring attention to it so that we can perhaps reach the maker and make him understand why his message was delivered in the most inappropriate way. We cannot understand why anyone would think what happened at Sandy Hook is something that can or should be made into a "game". This is real life to us. Every day."


Senator Chris Murphy called the game sickening. 


Senator Richard Blumenthal called the video game abhorrent and vile.  He says the game shocks the conscience and mocks common decency.  He says he can only begin to imagine how the families of those killed feel about this game and hopes they haven't seen it, even if they've hear about it.  Blumenthal says as the one year anniversary approaches, some still exploit the horrific tragedy and it should stop.  He also called it shameful, appalling and salacious.   


A former Houston man living in Australia is taking credit for creating "The Slaying of Sandy Hook Elementary" and says he also created a game inspired by the shootings at Virginia Tech.  In the credits of the game, players are told to call their members of Congress. 


In the game, players are directed to pick up a gun and shoot the mother before being transported to a school  The Connecticut Post reports that keyboard controls allow gamers to kick down classroom doors where dialogue boxes pop up with screams or pleas.  In the end, an alert says people dave arrived and the shooter kills himself.

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