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Money moved to pay for plow, HVAC maintenance in Danbury

Almost half of the money left in Danbury's contingency fund has been moved to the Public Works Department to help cover the costs of this winter.  The many winter storms meant plowing equipment took a beating and are in need of more maintenance.  In addition the subzero temperatures means the HVAC systems in many schools are in need of more maintenance. 


City Councilman Tom Saadi questioned if there are things that can be anticipated that would need additional funds.  At their meeting earlier this month, the Council approved moving $200,000 to the Public Works Department budget, but the City's Finance Director says it could be a wash. 


After last year's City budget was put together, the state changed their structure a bit to include funding for road and bridge maintenance.  Allowed in that is snow removal, salt and sand.  The money is being held in a special fund, which would be moved to cover other operating expenses in the Public Work's budget.


St Hilaire says that took a lot of pressure off the Public Work's budget.