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Local official weighs in on PILOT program expansion proposal

Democratic leaders of the state Senate are proposing an increase to the Payment In Lieu of Taxes program, which reimburses municipalities for tax exempt college, hospitals, and state-owned properties.  The proposal would be phased in, and would set up a three-tiered system. 


Danbury Republican Mayor Mark Boughton says municipalities are thankful for any funding they can get from the state.  Danbury Hospital has a significant amount of square footage in the City and is adding more.


But Boughton says he's disappointed the plan exempts state universities, noting that West Conn has a large footprint in Danbury.


Boughton says the state has lost it's priorities, but this is something that's a worthwhile investment.  He says he will watch this proposal carefully as it moves through the General Assembly.


Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney has proposed 50-percent payment for the 20 municipalities with the most PILOT properties, 45-percent for the next 20 and 40-percent for the rest.  Currently reimbursements are about 33-percent.